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About Us

Daffodil Health is revolutionizing child development. 10% of the world's children have developmental difficulties and delays. With the right kind of support, they too can live happy, independent, and meaningful lives. We are building a new world where we focus on individuals' abilities rather than their disabilities.

Daffodil health is a one-stop solution that offers expert-guided care journeys for families of children with specific needs. Our platform frees up time for the parents by eliminating ambiguity and confusion while improving service outcomes.

Parent Testimonials


Prerna Singh


"My child was diagnosed as being at high risk for autism. He was not interacting with family members also. After seeking help from Daffodil, I saw a lot of improvements in the first month only. He started responding to his name. He was interested in playing with me. He is showing overall improvements quite well. Now he is mingling with everyone at home and at school. He is getting better and learning better day by day"


Shanthala Somayaji


"The week has been going well. He repeated the sound “whooosh” during the ‘Interactive bath time” activity. Yesterday he pointed for the first time to show me his eyes! Slowly he is responding to activities."




"Daffodil health is giving a very good service online. Therapists are very good at listening to the problem and giving solutions. After seeking help from daffodil health there is an improvement in his speech and little improvement in behavior. Mainly being parents sometimes we tend to lose patience and dunno what to do. Daffodil teaches the different techniques to handle our child in an appropriate way. I would refer daffodil health to other parents who are in need."

*Disclaimer: The above pictures are taken from Stock to keep the confidentiality of our clients. However the testimonials are based on true life journeys.

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