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D. Signs and symptoms of Stuttering

Individuals with stuttering may have some or most of the signs & symptoms given below based on the severity of stuttering.

- Disruption in the flow of speech
- Difficulty starting a word, phrase, or sentence.
- Repeating the same sound or word over and over again (for example p..p..p..pen or
- Pausing while talking
- Fear or stress to speak in front of older people/ higher authority/ crowd
- Anxious to talk to people, and share thoughts.
- Secondary behaviors are behaviors accompanied by stuttering:
- Jaw tensing
- Facial tensing
- Lip and/ or jaw tremors
- Tics
- Hand movements
- Leg tapping, etc

Learning disabilities, Auditory processing disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, are some conditions that may be associated with Stuttering

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