C. Causes of Stuttering

An individual may have stuttering due to various causes, some of them are:

- Environmental: Stuttering can occur as a learner behavior, or due to exposure in early childhood, to someone who stutters. A stressful environment also can cause stuttering.
- Hereditary: Stuttering can run in the family. There are possibilities of one inheriting stuttering.
- Neurogenic: Stuttering may occur after an accident, stroke, brain injury, etc. Damage to the brain may lead to Neurogenic stuttering.
- Speech motor control difficulties: Poor timing, and sensory-motor coordination during speech.
- Normal non-fluency: Many children below age 4 have stuttering-like disfluencies, but they disappear once the child grows older. These disfluencies are characteristically different from stuttering. They may be due to excitement, anger, etc.