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Whether you run a Child Development Center or you are an Independent Professional working in the area of child development, this app is built for you. The DH Pro App is packed with all the help you need to run a great practice!

DH Pro App


Pro App (Digitize your practice)

1. Digitize your practice


The days of pen and paper are over.  By digitizing your practice you can search and retrieve all the information you need with a few clicks. No more lost files. No more lost time having to redo the work you did before. 

2. Improve client retention


Information is power. With all your information neatly organized in one place, the Pro App helps you do better. It helps you portray a professional practice and gives immense confidence to clients. Happy clients tend to keep coming back for more. 

Pro App (Improve client retention)
Pro App (Visibility is Control)

3. Visibility is Control


The Pro App gives you visibility across your practice. It helps you manage different roles and centers in different locations equally easily. This makes it super easy to keep tabs on the clinical quality and the business operations of your practice. More power to you!

4. Measure, Optimise, Grow!

What gets measured gets improved! The Pro App helps you analyze different aspects of your practice without the effort of the weekly/ monthly circus on Excel. Features of the software are designed to be customized to help your practice grow!

Pro App (Measure, Optimise, Grow!)

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Daffodil Health Pro App
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