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Parent App

Through this app, we provide all the support and guidance that parents would need in the special needs journey. This app includes our homegrown brain development tracker for children with 3500+ test items in 120+ areas of brain function. We also have collated 1000+ activities that improve these brain functions. With the inbuilt chat application, you can get your daily questions answered. The learning modules would help you in understanding different aspects of parenting children with special needs. You can also access our events, blogs, and marketplace through this app!

On-Demand Chat with Experts

Get your daily questions answered right from the comfort of your phone. No more waiting for your next session with the therapist to get your doubts cleared.

Track Progress on Milestones

Confused about which therapist is working on what milestone for your child? Track all milestones in a single place on the Daffodil dashboard. Get assessments on milestones and learn strategies to help your child achieve those milestones. 

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Personalised Self Pace Learning

Parent training courses structured to your needs. Find all the resources you'll ever need that will handhold you through the entire journey of parenting a child with special needs. 

Special & Remedial Education

Education that is tailored to the individual differences and needs of your child aimed at developing expected competencies in core academic and non-academic skills. A sound foundation is essential for them to develop into independent adults


Our care programs include various therapy sessions based on the initial assessment of the child and the current milestones that need to be tackled. We cover areas of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology and many more.


Based on the needs of the child, we recommend the most useful interventions and tools. Also discover different kinds of therapies - art, music, drama, and many more - in one place. Finding the right solutions for your child has never been easier. 

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