F. Treatment of Specific learning disabilities

Your child will need remediation and special education in order to help cope with the condition. If the child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, the child will have to attend reading programs that the therapist has advised. If the child has been diagnosed with dyscalculia, the child will benefit from early interventions. If the child has been diagnosed with dysgraphia, the child may have creative writing therapy.

- Speech and language therapy: For a child with a specific learning disability, the therapist would work on improving phonological awareness skills like rhyming, blending, segmentation, phoneme-grapheme correspondence, auditory discrimination, auditory memory, comprehension, etc.

- Special Education: Classroom accommodation, Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

All the above-mentioned therapy services may not be recommended to every child with ADHD because each child is different and the presenting symptoms and needs vary from child to child. Please enroll your child in such therapies only if suggested by a practicing professional.