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Transform your child's development journey right at

About the Program


Parent-mediated therapy program for children with developmental difficulties/ delays


Expert guidance and evidence-based techniques to help your child achieve age appropriate milestones


Based on popular global protocols used by thousands of parents


Short 5 minute activities that are woven into the daily routine


Administered in a familiar home environment by someone the child already trusts.

Benefits of DH Home Therapy

The biggest benefit of the DH Home therapy program is that the child starts applying skills learned in therapy to solve everyday problems. With time, the child becomes confident of solving new challenges on their own. This makes them less dependent on their caregivers and improves their overall quality of life.


Progress against selected goals is tracked every week


Child Centered

Focusing on the overall development of the child



Best care for your child in the comfort of your home


Best-in-class care

Interdisciplinary team of experts available on chat


Peace of mind

Access to the right information and knowledge

How It Works


One-on-one session with the parent/ primary caregiver in which all the details of the program are explained and necessary information collected.


Baselining is the process in which our team of experts identifies all the areas of difficulty for your child using well-established standard tools.


Based on the findings of the baselining exercise, our team will create a plan with 3-5 goals selected for your child’s improvement.


Every day, you will receive a list of fun activities that help your child make steady progress towards the selected goals.


The child’s performance is monitored every week and the goals are updated accordingly.


Is the DH Home Therapy Program right for you?

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Can DH Home Therapy help children with Autism?

In parent-mediated therapy, parents learn therapy techniques from professionals and provide specific therapies to their own child. This approach gives children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) consistent reinforcement and training throughout the day. Studies suggest that parent-mediated therapies are able to improve the child's communication skills and interactions with others.

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How does DH Home Therapy help children with Speech Delays?

Parents play a critical role in the early language development of a child. Children learn their first words and a lot more from interacting with the parent. In this program, parents are trained, guided, and supported by Speech and Language experts to stimulate language development. Specifically, parents are taught to:
(a) follow children’s lead during conversations (b) increase their responsiveness to children’s communicative initiatives (c) limit the use of questioning or directiveness while speaking to children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up for the program?

If you are a parent/ caregiver of a child with developmental difficulties/ delays, this program is for you. It will help you take a more active role in your child’s therapy process. It will also reduce parenting stress, improve your understanding of your child, and help you learn techniques to help the child at home. 

My child is already taking therapies. Can this program benefit my child?

Yes! Many of the children whom we work with are also taking therapies elsewhere. In such cases, we make sure to understand what is happening in therapy and align our program objectives accordingly. This also helps the child to stay in touch with the skills being learned in therapy on days when the child is not attending therapy.

How much time in a day do I need to spend?

You do not need to allocate time specifically for this program in a day. The daily activities are designed to fit your routine. You would be able to incorporate these activities into the regular times that you generally interact with the child on any typical day.

What is the duration of the program?

This is a monthly subscription program. The formal end of the program would be when the child has achieved age appropriate skills. We advise parents to continue in the program for at least 6 months to see the best results. But, you are free to discontinue the program any time you like.

Who will be my point of contact during the program?

You would be assigned a Care Expert who would be your point of contact for the entire duration of the program. All our care experts are qualified therapists with experience in working with children in clinical settings.

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