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Upcoming Events

july 31 event.jpeg

Ms. Jayashree Venkates

 July 31, 2021

4 PM - 5 PM


Past Events

july 24 event.jpeg

Government Schemes & Policies for Special Needs 

Government schemes and policies for special needs

by Pankaj Maru 

By Dr. S V Kashyap Founder - Theatre Lab

Theatre Workshop

 Theater Workshop for children with special needs by Dr. S V Kashyap-Founder,Theater Lab

July 17 - Pediatrician.jpeg

Emerging trends in Pediatrics

Panel discussion on emerging trends in paediatrics by Dr. Manu Arun and Dr. Shilpa Rao

Parenting during the Pandemic - Anita Ei

Parenting tips during pandemic

Interactive Session on Parenting for special needs during the pandemic by Ms. Anita Ripe

July 10 - Handwriting.jpeg

Importance of Occupational Therapy in Handwriitng

Importance of occupational therapy in handwriting by Dr. Priti Parikh 

Art Workshop By Alka Rao  (1).png

Art Workshop

Art workshop by Ms. Alaka Rao for children with special needs.




The emotional connect that Anita established with the participants and the fact that she empathizes with both the special children and their parents was very evident.



Event was very lively. Doctors made each and every kid participate and encouraged everyone's effort.



It was a very interactive session and all the children were given chances. The trainers were able to coordinate really good.

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