D. Screening and Assessments of Global Developmental delay

Since there are delays in various domains of development such as motor, speech, language, cognition, etc your child will be recommended to undergo multiple screenings and assessments. Screenings are done to understand how GDD is presented in your child and give information about the detailed assessments that would be required.

- ​Psychological assessment

- Speech and language assessment: One of the most common concerns of parents of children with GDD is that their child does not speak age appropriately. A speech and language assessment are helpful in evaluating the child's language abilities. The results will give us information about the child's communication skills (receptive language and expressive language), mode of communication, social use of language, cognition, etc

- Physical/ occupational therapy assessment: This assessment helps to identify the child's motor abilities like gross motor skills, and fine motor skills. It also accesses their abilities to perform activities of daily living.