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There are a number of conditions that afflict children at a young age. We have collated guides below on some of the common conditions. We hope that these guides will answer all the questions you may have on these conditions, how they affect children and what you can do to help children who may have one of these conditions. If you'd like us to add any more information to these guides or cover other conditions, please write to us at to request the same. We'd be happy to help.


  • Risk of developmental delays

  • All types of Neuro-Developmental Disorders

  • Communication Disorders​

  • Motor Disorders

  • Behavioral Screening

  • Pre-academic and academic screening



  • Developmental assessments

  • Speech and Language assessments

  • Sensory Integration evaluation

  • Occupational Therapy assessments

  • IQ assessments

  • Special Education (Reading & Writing) assessments

  • Comprehensive Psycho-Educational assessments