Types and causes of ADHD


The cause of ADHD is not clearly defined. However, based on the current evidence based research, the possible causes could be:

Toxins in the environment
Genetic factors, ADHD may be acquired hereditarily.
Neurobiological factors
Low levels of activity in the areas of the brain that are responsible for focus and attention
Complications during pregnancy and birth (such as substance abuse during pregnancy, and premature birth)


Hyperactive-Impulsive type: In this type, the child may be very fidgety, constantly running/ jumping/ climbing, always on the go, difficulty sitting in one place to complete tasks, does not wait for their turn,
interrupts others. They show signs of being hyperactive and are not easily distracted.

Inattentive type: In this type, the child may be easily distracted, have difficulty paying attention, often leaving tasks/ activities incomplete, not following instructions, and being forgetful.
Combination of both