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About Us

10% of the world's population has one or the other "Special Needs". Many of them don't end up joining the mainstream workforce. We believe with that - with the right kind of support - they can. This journey starts in early childhood.

Our vision is to increase human potential by unlocking this 10% of the world's workforce. We are a team of doers who have set out on this mission. This is what gets us out of bed every morning. 

Daffodil health is a one-stop solution that offers expert-guided care journeys for families of children with special needs. Our platform frees up time for the parents by eliminating ambiguity and confusion while improving service outcomes. Our data-first approach and software backbone allows us to offer standardized services at affordable prices.

Clinical Team


Dashami Poonacha

Speech Language Pathologist

Bachelors in Speech Language Pathology and Audiologist

Dashami is a RCI licensed therapist who has completed her graduation at Dr. S.R. Chandrashekar Institute of Speech and Hearing. Her expertise is in providing Assessments and Therapies for children with Speech & Language delays and difficulties, AAC, Early intervention, and Parent training. She believes in communication for all and uses a Neurodiversity affirmative approach during therapy. She is also certified in Oral sensorimotor intervention.

She has experience working with children who have Autism, ADHD, Apraxia, Sensory issues, Stuttering, Speech sound disorder, etc


Aneena K Cyril

Behavioural Therapist

MSc in Clinical Psychology

Aneena has expertise in providing behavioural management with behavioural analysis, problem-solving, decision making and social skills training for children with developmental disorders. She has experience in delivering comprehensive therapeutic services to children with autism,  ADHD, intellectual disability and so on. She develops functional behaviour assessment and individualized behavioural intervention plans for each child based on their specific needs and family situations.

She also  identify course of Problem behaviour, formulate  strategies to address behaviour and teach new behavioural skills thorugh analysis which includes observation, evaluation, procedures plan and consulting. For several years  she has been working towards integrating  children with disabilities to   their natural environments by  addressing their social,   emotional and cognitive development. She  also provide training to parents and family members on what they can do for their child or how to respond to certain behaviours


Tinu Anna Sam 

Special Educator

Diploma in Special Education(SLD&IE - Specific Learning Disability & Integrated Education)

MBA(Hospital & Health Systems Management)

Tinu is a qualified "Special Educator " with a Diploma in Special Education from the reputed KPAMRC. Her academic credentials also include an MBA in Hospital and Health Systems Management from Sri. Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute. She has been a practicing Special Educator since 2019. She is engaged in remedial and curriculum-based Education for children with learning difficulties.

Beyond curriculum-based teaching, she has also been, as a volunteer, a part of outreach and high-social impact projects like NIOS Adaptation. Her credentials also include memberships in reputed NGOs like SERPA and Svaastika. She has completed stints in administrative & managerial capacities in various multi-specialty hospitals.


Divya Srinivaasan

Occupational Therapist

Bachelors in Occupational Therapy 

Divya Srinivasan is a licensed Occupational therapist who has completed her graduation at the twin institute of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai following which completed her Fellowship at Tata Memorial hospital. Her expertise lies in providing clinical assessments, early intervention programs, sensory integration, and caregiver training to children with various developmental disabilities.

She believes in inclusive healthcare for children so that they become more functionally independent without assigning labels. She is a trained Manual therapist and is experienced in working with ADHD, Autism in both children and adolescents, cerebral palsy and various other sensory and cognito-perceptual processing disorders.


Samachi Sharma

Behavioural Therapist

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Hons.)

MA in Psychology

Samachi completed her MA in Psychology from Punjab University, Chandigarh with a specialization in Clinical Psychology (Prevention and Intervention), Counselling Psychology, and Organizational Psychology. She is trained in Shadow Teaching and School Integration, formulating SMART Goals and Managing Behaviors, Play Skills, Working with AAC, Pre-Literacy Skills, Pre-Numeracy Skills, Social-Emotional learning, Fine Motor Skills, and Gross Motor Skills. She is also trained in the basics of the TEACCH Approach.

Her interest lies in the field of clinical psychology and the use of specialized therapeutic techniques which enhance the optimal level of human functioning. In the past few years of her educational endeavors, she has worked on understanding and enhancing her theoretical ability that affects the mental health diaspora.


Aditee Kashyap

Care Coordinator

Bachelors of Arts (Psychology)

MSc in Counselling Psychology

Aditee pursued her Masters in Counselling psychology from Assam Don Bosco University. She has been trained as a Shadow teacher and an Inclusion facilitator and has worked with children on the spectrum. She has been trained in formulating goals catering to social, communication and academic challenges while using strategies from TEACCH, Play Therapy and Behaviour Therapy.

Aditee firmly believes in inclusivity and advocates for Neurodiversity and mental health awareness. She also believes in the importance of early intervention. As a therapist she wishes to provide support and care to children as well as adults and help them with their day to day functioning.

Management Team


Amal Kiran

Founder & CEO


Anik Dey

 Marketing Executive


Anupam Rana

Co-founder and CTO


Anirudh Ramji

Management Intern


Ravi Kiran DJ

Entrepreneur In Residence

Product and Tech Team


Rajeev Sahu

Full Stack Developer - Intern

Image1 (1).png

Rashmi Rana

 UI/UX Designer - Intern


Sumit Maithani

Full Stack Developer - Intern

Counseling Team


Arpita Renick

Child Development Counsellor


Abhishek Nair

Child Development Counsellor

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